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Prisoners of the earth come out 

Q: We spoke of images and words which hold man prisoner, and which are the logical outcome of a vast system of annihilation. The next step would be to locate the various springs of the mechanism, and for a start, its origin. How do you see it?

A: Image and word are the instruments of control used by the daily press and by such news magazines as TIME, LIFE, NEWSWEEK, and their English and Continental counterparts. Of course, an instrument can be used without knowledge of its fundamental nature or its origins. To get to the origin we must examine the instruments themselves; that is, the actual nature of word and image. Research along these lines is discouraged by those who use word and image as instruments of control. So we do not know what a word is or what an image is. The study of hieroglyphic languages shows us that a word is an image...the written word is an image. However, there is an important difference between a hieroglyphic and a syllabic language. If I hold up a sign with the word "ROSE" written on it, and you read that sign, you will be forced to repeat the word "ROSE" to yourself. If I show you a picture of a rose you do not have to repeat the word. You can register the image in silence. A syllabic language forces you to verbalize in auditory patterns. A hieroglyphic language does not. I think that anyone who is interested to find out the precise relationship between word and image should study a simplified hieroglyphic script. Such a study would tend to breakdown the automatic verbal reaction to a word. It is precisely these automatic reactions to words themselves that enable those who manipulate words to control thought on a mass scale.

Q: What is the importance of power, in all its form, in the machinery of destruction?

A: The exercise of power for power's sake is precisely the machine of destruction. This would seem to be something we have had throughout history, and in a sense this is true. The difference is a matter of degree. Old-fashioned power, the generalissimo shooting a provincial governor across his desk, has self-limiting goals, and at least a measure of self-preservation. To confuse this old-style power with the manifestation of control madness we see now on this planet is to confuse a disappearing wart with an exploding cancer. You might as well expect a measure of moderation, or at least self-preservation, from the virus of rabies which dies when you do, mission accomplished. What we see now is power exercised for purely destructive purposes. Whether they know it or not, the present controllers are bent on annihilation.

Q: And what of money, ownership, property?

A: Vested interest of power and/or money is perhaps the most potent factor standing in the way of freedom for the individual. New discoveries and products are suppressed because they threaten vested interests. The medical profession is suppressing Reich's orgone accumulator and his discoveries relative to the use and dangers of orgonic energy. They are suppressing Dianetics and Scientology discovered by Mr L. Ron Hubbard. They are suppressing the use of massive doses of Vitamin E for the prevention of heart disease, the use of massive doses of Vitamin A for curing the common cold. (I have used this simple remedy for thirty years and it works. Everyone I have passed it on to has found that it works either to abort or modify the course of a cold. At the first soreness in the throat which presages the onslaught of a common cold you take 500,000 units of Vitamin A. Vitamin A alone. Not Vitamin C which is quite worthless for a cold. At one time I had thought to market this remedy but was told it could not be marketed because the American Medical Association is opposed to self-medication. The AMA is opposed to self-medication if it works.) The medical profession is suppressing the use of apomorphine for the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction and for the general regulation of disturbed metabolism. The medical profession has a vested interest in illness. They suppress any discovery that strikes at the roots of illness. The real-estate lobby has a vested interest in the housing shortage. They sabotage any attempt to provide good cheap housing. An example of this suppression is the Lustron house. A man named Lustron devised a prefabricated house of porcelain steel, with a layer of insulation in the middle. This house was termite-proof, rust-proof, age-proof. It would still be there a thousand years from now. Lustron planned to put this house out for five thousand dollars. He only manufactured a few hundred Lustron houses before he was forced out of business by the real-estate lobby. They blocked him from obtaining the necessary materials. The Tucker car is another example: Tucker devised a car so much better that any car on the market it would have forced big motor companies to change their dies and produce a car of equal performance. Since they could sell the inferior cars they were already set up to produce, it was cheaper and easier to block Tucker... No materials! He lost 20,000,000 dollars and nearly went to jail. The Tucker car never hit the open market. Other examples are the blocking of the ramie industry by the Duponts and other manufacturers of synthetic fabrics. Where are the bicycle helicopters we were supposed to have by now? Where are the aluminium houses? The police have a vested interest in criminality. The Narcotics Department has a vested interest in addiction. Politicians have a vested interest in nations. Army officers have a vested interest in war. Vested interest, whether operating through private, capital or official agencies, suppresses any discovery, product or way of thought that threatens its area of monopoly. The cold war is used as a pretext by both America and Russia to conceal and monopolize research confining knowldge to official agencies. It is no exaggeration to say that all important research is now top secret, until someone lets a rat out of the bag. Infrasound, for example: I quote from a Sunday Times article, April 16, 1967, "Acoustics," by Frank Dorsey, under the title "Joshua Knew a Thing or Two":
"The world is not noticeably short of lethal weapons, but a team of French scientists in Marseille is working on a death-ray machine designed to provide an entirely novel method of human destruction. The project began when the Electro-Acoustical laboratory moved into a new building three years ago. Staff complained of headache and nausea. Investigation began. Electromagnetic waves were suspected and eliminated. So were ultra-sound waves. At this point, one of the technicians got out an antique appparatus for detecting infrasound--that is, air vibrations which oscillate at less than ten vibrations a second, or 10 Hertz--(The human ear registers, as sound vibrations, from 16Hz to 20,000Hz) It had been used during the First World War to distinguish cannon fire and movement of trains too far off to be unscrambled by ears. I quickly identified the source of the unease: the giant ventilator of a factory next door. After changing the ventilator's frequency, the five-man team headed by Professor Vladimir Gavreau decided to find out more about the properties of infrasound."
As everyone knows, sound is a succession of waves in which the air is alternatively compressed and decompressed. Fast vibrations either go right through solid objects or bounce off them, usually doing relatively little harm even when very powerful. But slow vibration, below the hearing level, can create a sort of pendulum action, a reverberation in solid objects that quickly builds up to intolerable intensity. To study this phenomenon the team built a giant whistle, hooked to a compressed air hose. Then they turned on the air. Professor Gavreau says:
"Luckily, we were able to turn it off quickly. All of us were sick for hours. Everything in us was vibrating: stomach, heart, lungs. All the people in the other laboratories were sick too. They were very angry with us."
The first blast was audible only to 190 Hz. It had an acoustical force of about 100 Watts, compared with one watt for a football referee's whistle. From then on the tem worked at lowering the frequency, but carefully kept the power input down. A bigger whistle was built, measuring about five feet across. It emits a very low but audible tone, at about 37 Hz. If turned on full blast, it would develop 2000 Watts--and the building would fall down like the walls of Jericho before Joshua's trumpet. At the pressures used it has done no more than put cracks in the ceiling. The team has discovered that the wave length most dangerous to human life is 7 Hz. At 7 Hz, turned on very softly, one has a vague impression of sound, and a general feeling of discomfort. At 3.5 Hz, nothing can be heard directly but there is a curious incidental effect. Nearby sounds, such as air hissing into the pipe, take on a pulsing quality--at 3.5 pulsations a second. All sounds in the neighbourhood seem to ululate rhymically. The team has suffered from its experiments. Some of the invisible injuries appear to be persistent.
"It not only affects the ears," Professor Gavreau says, "but it works directly on the internal organs. There is a rubbing between the various organs because of a sort of resonance. It provokes an irritation so intense that for hours afterwards any low-pitched sound seems to echo through one's body."
In developing a military weapon, scientists intend to revert to a policeman's whistle form, perhaps as big as eighteen feet across, mount it on a truck and blow it with a fan turned by a small airplane engine. This weapon, they say, will give forth an all-destroying 10,000 acoustic watts. It could kill a man five miles away. There is one snag: at present, the machine is as dangerous to its operators as to the enemy. The team is working on a way to focus it. Various systems of baffles have been tried, but the most promising method appears to be propagation of a different and complementary sound a wave length backward from the machine. This changes the frequency of airwave length moving in that direction, thus protecting anyone to the rear. There is, of course, a much simpler means of protection: turn the machine on from a safe distance. This summary of Professor Vladimir Gavreau's experiments with infrasound is based on the Sunday Times article. A much more comprehensive article has appeared in an American periodical, The National Enquirer, Vol.42, No. 27, March 10, 1968. Professor Gavreau's discovery has been patented and anybody can obtain the plans and full description from the French patent office upon payment of two francs. Undoubtedly top secret projects are exploring the military potentials of infrasound. Since sub-lethal infrasound paralyses the mental functions--(as Professor Gavreau put it "I could not add two and two")--well add two and two and you will see that infrasound is an ideal weapon against dissident elements within the establishment. It is to be hoped that hobbyists will obtain the plans and experiment. The materials necessary are cheap and easily obtained. Perhaps infrasound has therapeutic properties at low volume and borderline infrasound might add a new dimension to pop music. Another scientist who freely published his discoveries was Wilhelm Reich. He died in a federal prison. Most of you know something of Reich's experiments, discoveries and theories so I will not undertake a detailed rundown here. You can still buy Reich's books despite the book-burning carried out by the Pure Food and Drug pigs in emulation of their Nazi prototypes. I would like to draw attention to Reich's experiements with DOR-Deadly Orgone Radiation. DOR is produced by putting any radioactive material into an orgone accumulator. In Reich's experiments very small quantities of radioactive material were used. None the less the effect is described as "being hit on the head with a sledge hammer." One experimenter nearly died as a result of exposure. Very dilute exposure produces mental confusion, depression, anxiety and restlessness. Like infrasound DOR has a range from the almost imperceptible to the lethal. The experiments with DOR are fully described in The Selected Writings of Wilhelm Reich in the chapter entitled Orgone Physics. Anyone with a radium watch dial can duplicate these experiments. It seems that immunity to DOR is conveyed by gradient exposure. In fact the purpose of the DOR experiments was to find a means of conveying mass immunization to radiation sickness. As you know Reich's books and papers were burned, his experiments outlawed and he himself imprisoned. It is to say the least probable that top secret experiments with DOR are being carried out by official agencies. Experiments which offer any possibility of immunization to radiation sickness certainly deserve to be fully explored and widely publicized.
Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Dianetics and Scientology, has also been persecuted by the Pure Food and Drug Department. To date Mr. Hubbard has refused to publish his advanced discoveries. There is every indication that the discoveries of Scientology are being used by the CIA and other official agencies. With these discoveries already in the worst possible hands it is to be hoped that Mr. Hubbard will reserve his present policies.
To Mr. Hubbard belongs the credit for making public a secret weapon used extensively by the Americans and the Russians in their dreary cold-war farce. This weapon is pain-drug hypnosis. Ordinary hypnosis cannot force the subject to act against his moral code or his own interests and survival. Pain-drug hypnosis can. The subject is drugged into unconsciousness, beaten in a way that will leave no mark-(telephone book, hard pillow)-and given suggestions. He will obey these suggestions without knowing that he has been drugged and subjected to pain-drug hypnosis. He will obey these suggestions however much they may conflict with his moral code or his interests. Even suicide can be so induced.
In the case of Reich and Hubbard discoveries have been suppressed by official agencies in all probablility to mask secret experiments along the same lines.
A recent article in ESQUIRE magazine written by a former CIA agent contains this anecdote: A man with photos of the Bay of Pigs was on the way to a newspaper office when the agent who was tailing him called a "special number" in Washington. "On the way to the newspaper office he was run down by a laundry truck." Not so easy to be sure of nailing someone on a walk across town after all people do look before crossing a street. I would venture the guess that he was pushed in front of the laundry truck by a laser. Lasers can move satellites in and out of orbit. They could push someone in front of a truck. Is this knowledge in the best hands?
Nine years ago in Amsterdam, I talked with a Dutch chemist who told me they had synthesized a drug infinitely more potent than LSD, and could not take the responsibility of testing this drug on human subjects, owing to the possibility of residual brain damage. Subsequently, I heard that the drug has now been released to "official agencies" in America. This may well be the "non-lethal nerve gas" being used in Vietnam. Recently I heard from someone connected with a laser research project conducted by the U.S. Navy: "They can actually send a thought." Some years ago, experiments in Norway indicated the possibility of activating speech patterns directly in the brain by means of an electromagnetic field. Hearing voices? The Black Box which develops positive ions, enabling anyone within its range to perform at a high level of efficiency without fatigue, was used by the U.S. Army and kept secret for ten years. Is it on the market yet?
Important research that could be used to free the human spirit is being monopolized by paltry intellects in the name of "National Security." What are you getting out of "national security"? The cold war is an essential factor in maintaining the establishment of the West and in Russia, and has all the marks of a deal under the table. Top secret classified research is not top secret because the Russians might find out about it. The Russians already know and in most cases are well ahead of the West. Top secret research is top secret because establishments do not want young people of the world to find out what they are doing.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Penthouse Interviews Burroughs/1972 

PENTHOUSE: It's nearly ten years since you gave a statirical but graphic description of totalitarian control in THE NAKED LUNCH. Do you think your visions of a decade ago are any nearer reality?

BURROUGHS: THE NAKED LUNCH was a science-fiction idea but is now absolute fact, mainly because of the development of electrodes which can control the brain. If anyone has these electrodes planted in him--and there may be many ways to do this, not necessitating an actual surgical operation--he can be made to think, feel, or even experience, anything that the manipulator of the electrodes wants. He can be made to make involuntary movements: to pick something up against his will. Also to feel fear, or sexuality, or any other emotion. Where such control is possible, the question arises of who is to exercise it. Once someone has the control box he is in complete control of anyone fitted with electrodes.

PENTHOUSE: But a would-be dictator would need to overcome the practical problem of implanting such electrodes.

BURROUGHS: One can imagine all sorts of scandalous ways of doing it. "Doctor had 100 Love Slaves"...he would lure young girls in for minor operations, plant electrodes in their brains and that would be it. Or an equivalent to electrodes could be produced possibly by a virus, by microwaves or by an electro-magnetic field. We also know that certain chemicals stimulate particular brain areas, such as apomorphine which stimulates the back brain, the hypothalamus. These brain areas haven't been carefully plotted but of course they can be on an encephelographic machine.

PENTHOUSE: How much are we herded already without electrical means?

BURROUGHS: There is always psychological influence, there's nothing new about that. All governments, all religions have used it throughout history. The point is that now the means of control are much more efficient. We have computers. We have populations exposed to exactly the same images and words, millions of people every day. So the opportunities to control are much more potent now than they have ever been. The same development started with the industrial revolution, the same thing has happened with weapons--they've become more and more efficient, which of course has brought a whole new, almost a biological mutation, into revolutionary tactics. Anyone can go down into his basement and make a spear or a club--but they can't make automatic weapons, they can't make tanks, they can't make dive bombers. So while the methods of psychological control are much more effective, so are the methods of physical control. Since the people in control hold heavy weapons, 1% could keep down 99% if it came to that. This was all implicit in the industrial revolution: first, that we'd have larger and larger populations, which means more and more control. Just take the job of feeding all these people in London--think of the technical job of doing that and the number of people involved in it. When Jerry Rubin and people like that talk about dropping out and doing their thing--my God, how many people could live on what England could produce? As you have larger and larger populations, more and more elaborate apparatus is needed to give them even the necessities. The bigger the thing gets, the more control you need just to run it, just to keep it moving, just to keep it from foundering completely. The nature of control is also hierarchical. You can't really get anything done unless one does it, unless someone gives the orders. So I don't think it's too far-fetched to say that the orders now are given by fewer and fewer people.

PENTHOUSE: So society would be even more hierarchical if electrode control were to reach a high degree of refinement?

BURROUGHS: Who's going to use it, and how, is an absolutely open question. I cannot think of any existing society in whose hands I would like this power to fall. Suppose the people in the Pentagon could condition people so believe in what they believed in--or what they pretend to believe in, at least--and turn everyone into decent Americans. That would be horrible. This control would be more than just a case of pressing this button here and this button there, this could be a whole computer program. Scientists have already wired up an ape's brain to a computer. Now the ape's brain can give orders to the computer, and initiate action in the computer; then the computer can chew this over and shoot it back. In other words it's a feed-back between the computer and the brain. The computer can be programmed to erase past conditioning--this has been done with apes--or to accentuate any particular aspect of conditioning. You would have a computer program that would determine a person's entire actions and feelings, and the person would be physiologically incapable of doing anything about it. But the fact that this knowledge is all out in the open is encouraging, because these developments need not be used for control at all.

Interview with Burroughs/1961 

CORSO: What say you about political conflicts?

BURROUGHS: Political conflicts are merely surfaced manifestations. If conflicts arise you may be sure that certain powers intend to keep this conflict under operation since they hope to profit from the situation. To concern yourself with surface political conflicts is to make the mistake of the bull in the ring, you are charging the cloth. That is what politics is for, to teach you the cloth. Just as the bullfighter teaches the bull, teaches him to follow, obey the cloth.

CORSO: What kind of advice you got for politicians?

BURROUGHS: Tell the truth once and for all and shut up forever.

CORSO: What if people don't want to change, don't want no new consciousness?

BURROUGHS: For any species to change, if they are unable and are unwilling to do so--I might for example have suggested to the dinosaurs that heavy armor and great size was a sinking ship, and that they would do well to convert to mammal facilities--it would not lie in my power or desire to reconvert a reluctant dinosaur. I can make my feeling very clear, Gregory. I feel like I'm on a sinking ship and I want off.

CORSO: Could you or do you think it wise to say who it will be or just what force it will be that will destroy the world?

BURROUGHS: You want to create panic? That's top secret--want to swamp the lifeboats?

CORSO: O.K. How did them there lifeboats get there in the first place?

BURROUGHS: Take for instance some Indians in South America I seen. There comes along this sloppy cop with his shirt buttons all in the wrong hole, well then, Parkinson's law goes into operation--there's need not for one cop but seven or eight, need for sanitation inspectors, rent collectors, etc.; so after a period of years problems arise, crime, dope taking and traffic, juvenile delinquency--So the question is asked, "What should we do about these problems?" The answer as Gertrude Stein on her deathbed said comes before the question--in short before the bastards got there in the first place!

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